The LadyKillers - with over 100 years of musical experience between them, this band offers you the very best in entertainment

Take 3 pro musicians:


Dave Behennah - known to many as Dave Banana, solo artist, guitarist/vocalist, prolific songwriter, humourist. Dave can be seen at many venues around the SW and also works with Rick O'Shay as one of the Sensational Barnet Brothers.


Geoff Royall - bass player/vocalist, white van driver, retired hedonist. Geoff also played in 13 Guns, with Gary Platts, Shjelley Sheree and Simon Stevens.

Keith Russell - drummer, top session player, jazz specialist. Keith works with Jessica and the Rabbits, with his son in Joseph Russell and the Breaks and the Always, plus several other bands. You can also catch Keith working with the regions top Jazz musicians around the SW.


Some time ago, David Behennah asked Geoff Royall if he was interested in revisiting some old material, written by Dave back in the early 80's and performed with Geoff in the Band Night After Night. Barely a year passed before Dave, with Geoff, had revisited, revised, and recorded a small set of demo songs, to present to a drummer who might be interested in joining a band. That's when things got really interesting.

Geoff asked Keith Russell and he said yes. Keith added his considerable drumming expertise, applied his superb organisational skills, and suddenly everything started to happen really quickly. So here we are, 20+ songs in the bag and ready to go...

Mix well and serve up as The LadyKillers, purveyors of fine original rock. with a smattering of choice covers.

Since then, The Ladykillers have played numerous festivals (continuing to support Rock 2 Recovery), pubs and clubs across the West Country and toured in Europe. Their act continues to evolve, with a few choice covers in the set, all delivered with a slice of self-deprecating wit. A 4 song "EP" was recorded in 2019 and is now available on all good download sites.


Growing older and finer (but not wiser) by the day, best you catch The Ladykillers while you can


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